Corporate India’s #MeToo and the Responsible Leader

"Harvey Weinstein's guilty verdict - what a strong message to those who consider indulging, promoting or even looking away from sexual harassment at workplace as something they can get away with! Quoting Anita Hill, who was the main player in Clarence Thomas’ contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearing and now chairs the Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality: “Today’s guilty verdict in this case is a clarion call of justice for the countless women whose voices have been suppressed in workplaces throughout society..” The Indian corporate community has a lot of catching up to do to put systems and checks and balances in place to proactively avoid it as well as learn to deal with such cases with alacrity, empathy and courage." Read further in this article by Promila Ayyangar, Associate Partner and Executive Coach at Vyaktitva. #HarveyWeinstein #Justice for women at workplace. #Vyaktitva

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“Why is inclusion so important today? Do we ever stop and think about a very visible and yet fairly silent malaise that is creeping in everywhere and at our workplaces? Let us stop and examine the power of Inclusion and how we can harness it to build a more robust organisation.” Read further in this article by Smita Bhandari Sahay, Associate Partner at Vyaktitva.

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Applying Learning in the Real World : Part 1 What does it take to create an impact in the training room?

What impact can we show to the sponsors of the training? What is it that we can do in those precious limited hours we get with our audience to inspire them to change? And how does one traverse the confines of the four walls we cohabit during a program to make that impact on each individual? These questions have preyed on my mind in every single program I’ve delivered.

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