Unfolding the true elements of people and organizations.

Tatva Model 2018

The Human Element

“Vyakti” or person merges with “tatva” or the natural elements to form “Vyaktitva” which means one’s own true character or individuality. Like the five fingers close into the powerful fist, the five natural elements together give form to the sixth, the human element. Our organic entity, our vyaktitva is an orchestral convergence of wisps of the sky, puffs of air, clods of earth, drops of water and flames of fire.

We believe that within the individual lies the power to think the blue sky vision, mould the air around herself to pursue this vision, design flows and water systems which will facilitate the journey, fire the imagination of all around herself to take the plunge-all this while herself being rooted in the everyday earthy realities of the journey towards the dream.

The Organizational Element

Like the natural elements come together to give form to your Vyaktitva, diverse individuals are the fingers which shape the organizational fist, the Vyaktitva of the organization which is the essence of its being. This organizational element live and breathe through its distinct human elements.

It has been our quest at Vyaktitva to bring out the element in people and the organization through interventions specifically designed to enhance their performance. The key challenge is not only appropriate and contextual design but also building ownership for the implementation.

Our interventions impact all the elements rather than “specialize” in one area, so as to deliver a holistic wellness to the organizational vyaktitva.