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Promila Ayyangar

Corporate India’s #MeToo and the Responsible Leader

“Harvey Weinstein’s guilty verdict – what a strong message to those who consider indulging, promoting or even looking away from sexual harassment at workplace as something they can get away with!

Quoting Anita Hill, who was the main player in Clarence Thomas’ contentious Supreme Court confirmation hearing and now chairs the Hollywood Commission on Eliminating Sexual Harassment and Advancing Equality:

“Today’s guilty verdict in this case is a clarion call of justice for the countless women whose voices have been suppressed in workplaces throughout society..”

The Indian corporate community has a lot of catching up to do to put systems and checks and balances in place to proactively avoid it as well as learn to deal with such cases with alacrity, empathy and courage.”

Read further in this article by Promila Ayyangar, Associate Partner and Executive Coach at Vyaktitva.

#HarveyWeinstein #Justice for women at workplace. #Vyaktitva

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Leadership Development and Training
Rahul Agarwal

The Wisest Investment for Companies : Investing in Leadership Development

“We decide and act based on our levels of awareness. Who is responsible in an organisation for raising the overall awareness of the organisation? How do they raise their own awareness levels first?”

Read this article by Rahul Agarwal, Senior Consultant at Vyaktitva, to learn how investing in leaders is the most significant investment an organisation can make for its own benefit.

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Chitra Chaturvedi

From Second-Hand Knowledge to First-Hand Experience

“Sometimes, or dare I say often we are like worms who eat up thousands of books but fail to receive a certificate of erudition! How do we really, really do justice to the AHA moments that we have in a classroom, a conversation, a coaching session, a review session and so on? Here is what I have tried that has helped me and my loved ones who dared apply it.”

Read this article by Chitra Chaturvedi, CEO & Associate Partner at Vyaktitva to learn more.

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Meenakshi Kapur

The Art of Selfless Facilitation

Read this article by Meenakshi Kapur, Senior Consultant at Vyaktitva, to know about her insights and learnings from her work of Facilitation.

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Indrajit Sen

The Power of ‘Nudge’ Questions!

In this case study, Indrajit Sen, Senior Consultant at Vyaktitva, illustrates the impact of co-creating solutions using the power of questions in a conflict situation.

“Sounds very simple but needs practice!”

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People Transformation
Sanjiv Desai

Applying Improv in Organizations

In this article, Sanjiv Desai, Senior Consultant and Executive Coach at Vyaktitva, talks about how anyone can use the techniques of improv (improvisation) in organisations to foster better teamwork and become more effective and adaptable to change.

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