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'When you perform the surgery, please don't remove any of my untapped potential.'

The Underexplored Opportunity in Organizations

"The client had a mounting realization that their career- growth model was not tuned to the aspirations of high potential talent in terms of challenges, opportunities, growth, reward and recognition. They needed a different approach." Read about the ten principles in this article by Promila Ayyangar, Associate Partner and Executive Coach at Vyaktitva, on how to tether the power of developing Hi-Potential talent in organizations in a systematic, long term and holistic manner.

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“Why is inclusion so important today? Do we ever stop and think about a very visible and yet fairly silent malaise that is creeping in everywhere and at our workplaces? Let us stop and examine the power of Inclusion and how we can harness it to build a more robust organisation.” Read further in this article by Smita Bhandari Sahay, Associate Partner at Vyaktitva.

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