Portrait of an Impactful Instructional Designer

"What began as an affair with Instructional Design early on in my career has now matured into a perennial romance. Today it is infused into several facets of my life, bringing me incomparable clarity and satisfaction." In this article, Chitra Chaturvedi, CEO & Associate Partner at Vyaktitva shares insights from her journey with Instructional Design spanning over three decades.

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Why, Oh Why! Why it’s Good to Ask Why?

It is easy to design a training for your client, and get a great feedback score from your participants. What isn't as easy is to design training that has the desired impact for the business. What is the key to designing impactful training solutions? The answer is quite simple; as our Consultant and Instructional Design expert, Meenu Iyer, says "It is all about asking your client, "Why"?

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