The Art and Science of Instructional Design

Central to the design of a training intervention, there needs to be a positive impact on the business; for the stakeholders to experience a real return on investment.

However inspite of their best efforts to position L&D as a business-focused, value creating function it remains a challenge over which an L&D head has probably faced many moments of truth. Far from getting the resources needed to create impact, L&D heads are getting pushed back by business on the return on investment of training or finding it necessary to hound business to send people for training.programs.

From our experience we have distilled 3 actions that an L&D professional can take to create and sustain business impact

Connecting to the stakeholders and the audience, prior to design, for a detailed appreciative inquiry into their business and performance challenges.

A subsequent analysis of findings in a structured manner, looking for patterns.

Stringing together the analysis findings into a cohesive, efficient and creative learning design based on sound adult learning principles


Getting L&D professionals to approach design cannot be taught, it needs to be experienced.

What we do is to provide an enriching and intense learning experience that takes participants through the rigour of the Instructional Design process, starting with uncovering the business challenges and analysing the learning gaps, to the design of an engaging and interactive learning intervention and ultimately the facilitation of it.

BTID: The Big Ticket Instructional Design and Facilitation Skills Course


Like all our interventions, the BTID learning experience has been designed to create real sustainable impact – we work with trainers to understand the learning gap, design an intervention around it, develop courseware, implement it through programs, give feedback, and one-on-one coaching. Finally, we also evaluate the short and long-term impact of the training. Successful participants walk in with a business challenge and walk out with a module, ready to be deployed within the organization.

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