The FractalStructure Approach to Sustainable Scaling

If an Organization has to grow…

the next layer of leadership will have to take greater ownership and accountability for decision making to allow the executive management to focus on strategic aspects and the increasing complexity of the business. However, a combination of two factors, decision making structures that centralize decision making at the top and leadership capability at the next line are hampering the ability to scale.

Our solution to this common & always tricky problem is designed with a dual focus; (hard) structures and (soft) modifying underlying behaviours.

For the hard part we implement the FractalStructure, which in an organization provides all the components and information required for it to replicate and scale at any level and across geographies. The TripleHelix of Leadership Development (the intertwined strands of decision making around self, shared and group leadership) is the primary vehicle through which this is implemented in the organization.

A FractalStructure has 3 components

The Fractal intervention allows organisations to marry the soft side of human psychology and the hard side of business results. Keeping both in focus, they feed each other and learn from each other.
We call it a psycho-business approach to high performance.

Typically, this approach delivers the first results within three months of implementation. Inherent in the design of the FractalStructure Intervention is the intentional creation of a period of chaos, while the entire hierarchy, from the top management to the frontline adjusts to new ways of working. When it picks up, it is moves at a high pace. Organisations where implemented, saw the impact in scalability leading to top line growth and a drastic drop in attrition (by about 20%) in the first year itself. It takes discipline, time and confidence for the design to be effective. However, perseverance with the model and commitment to it tends to deliver results. The design ensures accountability and at the same time enriched a culture of collective ownership.

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