High Potentials, the Change Agents you need

In our work with Organizations we have found that the Tatva model, our systemic model of holistic performance enhancement provides a powerful framework for sustainable impactful change.

There are also some natural change agents within organizations. These are the High Potential folks across the hierarchy.

Typically they exert a canopy of influence that goes beyond strict hierarchies and role boundaries because of their inspirational capabilities and capacities. They are your opportunity to accelerate change.

Focused energy and effort on the development of these folks impacts their entire canopy of influence. Accelerating their development accelerates their performance, builds resilience in the Organization and creates a powerful leadership pipeline.This is the domain of our HiPo Development model.

Meanwhile, leaders we work with have been feeling the pressure of growing competition and stagnating demand. At mid-levels, a steady loss of high potential talent to competitors. The realization has dawned – the existing career- growth models aren’t tuned to the aspirations of high potential talent in terms of challenges, opportunities, growth, rewards and recognition.

While organizations focus attention and energies on hiring the best, the conundrum of retaining the brighter amongst them seems to be far more complicated and almost always with feelings of being let down on either side.

Some proactive organizations have realized the need for a systemic solution and have worked with us to build it. Through these and many other experiences in systemic capability development we have observed and tethered the power of developing Hi-Potential talent in organizations in a systematic, long term and holistic manner to develop leadership capacities and competencies from deep within.Here are six key principles, which when implemented carefully, in our opinion will yield powerful results.

Designing a High Potential Intervention


  • Participants have had great visibility on the global platforms through winning accolades for their highly successful Action Learning Real World Projects that ranged from increasing market share, penetrating rural markets, optimising the distribution system, mastering modern trade, sustainability and environmental protection etc.
  • A whopping 90% of the participants have fast tracked through the organisation- getting promoted faster, seconded to geographies around the world, assigned higher responsibilities and larger teams. .
  • The program has become one of the most aspirational rewards for the employees with a clamour to get selected every year.
  • Apart from Awards ,the program received appreciation from the global parent organisation for its uniqueness in developing holistic leadership capacities and competencies, going way beyond its existing competency framework.

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