Executive Coaching

The business case for coaching has been built. Executives and Coaches have partnered in an impactful way and made a difference. At its essence the intent of coaching is to help a high performing individul create deep sustainble change within themselves, by themselves, since that is the difference that takes the individual and their performance from good to great, and makes it sustainable. From our own personal experience we know – its easier said than done.

Many attempts to sustain change fail because we try to change the behaviour without working on the root causes or underlying reasons and triggers of that behaviour.

To keep the change, we need to go deeper into ourselves and understand our inner world better; our strengths and weaknesses, purpose and pit falls, what lies beneath the layers of our awareness and learn how to identify and rewire our own limiting patterns.
Vyaktitva’s Coaching accelerates development and creates impact in a sustainable way


We work on the shadow, the parts of us that we do not know well enough and are holding us back.

Vyaktitva’s Coaching Model

In our experience the maximum impact can be made by making the unconscious conscious. For this one needs to understand current and past patterns and work on what caused them rather than focus only on the future behaviour.

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