Designing Learning for Sustainable Business Impact

Any developmental intervention is about observable behaviours and changing the disabling ones by creating deep realization and enhancing the ability to learn.

Of all the interventions we’ve designed the most successful of them necessarily have these 3 attributes

The intervention is designed to inspire a high level of engagement and ownership from all the stakeholders.

The constructs learned are systematically applied by the learners in their real world context.

Learnability – a meta capacity and a leadership lever, is developed and enhanced in each learner.



  • Setting up the managers and mentors of the participants.
  • Delivering an enriching and intense learning experience that builds capability layer by layer, by ensuring participants are able to personally connect to the reason for learning.
  • Creating a comfortable environment to practice new knowledge.
  • Making the vital connect of the learning to the real world.
  • Getting specific about the commitments that the learner makes and holding them accountable.
  • Setting up support structures for the learners to ensure that learners get the resources and support they need to implement the changes.
  • Ensuring that learners have specifically thought through and listed the actions are expected from each and the resources they need to achieve their milestones during the interim period between sessions.
  • Ensuring the follow up sessions review commitments and calls to accountability.
  • Adding capability development as per the emerging needs of the group – triangulated by assessment data from managers, participants and consultants.

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