Building Real Ownership amongst Senior Leaders

The world is highly dynamic and windows of opportunity are short.

Scripts don’t necessarily work for the current emerging patterns. The only edge is agility coupled with collaborative and inclusive decision making. In essence – one person can’t make it happen alone.

The strategy comes down to ensuring the senior leaders with the largest canopies of control are operating with each other with superior levels of Trust, Alignment, Capability and Joyful Resilience.

The factor with the highest leverage for the success of the entire strategy is the leadership team’s ability to come together as a high performing, shared leadership team and own the organizations aspirations. For real.

Through our experience we‘ve found that Shared Leadership is a space leaders will only reach if they have proactively worked on it. Together.

In the breakneck momentum that is the new normal, low attention on the interdependencies inherent in functional roles, goals, strategies, have led to friction at the leadership level, with functional goals inadvertently getting higher prioritiy than the business goals . Typically what‘s manifested as low energy towards aspirations other than their own has at it‘s source, an absence of trust leading to an inability to raise conflicts positively and ensure wholesome accountability.

Difficult? Yes.

For success within today‘s context, an intervention design has to take into account the business environment in which the Leadership operates, the dynamics of the formal and informal relationships that exist in any team, the nature of experiences of the team members as well as their differing capabilities and orientation.

The shared leadership intervention is one that demands time, attention and investment from the CEO and her team in a sustained manner. Leadership Teams that are on a journey towards Shared Leadership have reported measured impact –

  • Clarity of goals and strategies and alignment of the Leadership Team on these plus the implication in terms of their own goals
  • Significantly heightened energy and commitment towards the organization goals
  • Slowly increasing ability to raise appropriate level of conflict as issues and resolve them amongst themselves without the intervention of the CEO
  • Significantly heightened levels of collaboration leading to higher quality solutions
  • Focus on delivering to commitments and to global standards
  • Higher degree of accountability to each other and a desire to step up and support others

If you have hired the best leaders, but its just not coming together in the way you envisioned, reach out.