Work Done

Blue Sky Vision


§ Facilitating the top management to develop organizational vision and strategies and aligning the rest of the organization to these

§ Developing long term processes to ensure the “living of vision moments”

Frito Lay – Channo& Pune plants

Aksh Optifibre


Care- SEAD Division

Lotus Design

Ashoka, Innovators for the Public

Fresh Air Culture


§ Appreciative Inquiry through success stories

§ Facilitating teams to elicit key values and competencies from these stories

§ Imagining a new culture

§ Aligning rest of the organization to its dimensions

§ Building policies & practices to reinforce the culture

§ Living & Communicating vision / culture-keeping it alive

Fritolay indiar Aksh Optifibre

Icon Cables

Solid Earthy Structure

1. Organization Restructuring/ Change management Client

Aksh Optifibre

Icon Cables

2. Roles, Accountabilities and Measures * Client

§ Creating role maps and competency maps

§ Developing proficiency levels and behavioural descriptors


Fritolay India

IPF Online


3. Grade Designations and Compensation Structure Client

§ Compensation benchmarking and restructuring

§ Compensation based retention planning

IPF Online

Digital India

Smooth Water Flows

1. Performance Management System* Client

§ Developing goal setting, competence measures, review process and formats

§ Enabling the entire organisation to use it effectively by facilitating SMART Goals and development oriented review, feedback and counselling

§ Developing training and development policy based on organizational goals & individual needs

§ Implementing one cycle with the organisation

Winphoria Networks

Aksh Optifibre

IPF Online


Indian Quotation Systems (IQS)

US Education Foundation India (USEFI)

2. Talent Management & Development Client

§ Designing a system for identifying critical value adders

§ Designing potential assessment system

§ Building career and succession policy

§ Creating retention strategies


IPF Online


Icon Cables


3. Selection System Client

§ Building customized selection instruments

§ Administering and implementing psychometric tests*

§ Conducting HR & final interviews

§ Induction Programs


IPF Online


Icon Cables


4. Administrative Policies Client

§ Designing administrative policies: Leave, Travel, Conveyance, Credit card including employee handbook

Winphoria Networks

Aksh Optifibre


Elind Computers

5. Outsourcing Client

§ Handling entire strategic and operational HR function

Winphoria Networksr ICON Cables

Fired Up Competence

1. Development Centers * Client

§ Identifying critical competencies and proficiency levels

§ Identifying strengths to build and opportunities to improve

§ Building development plans around feedback

Fritolay India



Icon cables



2. Reward and Recognition Systems


§ Defining array of rewards and individual needs

§ System to match individual need to kind of recognition


3. Training and Development *

(For all levels of management)


§ Performance opportunity & learning gap analysis

§ Choosing/creating experiential learning methods for training on individual needs, organizational needs, level needs

§ Developing courseware and manuals

§ Designing and delivering standardized training programs

§ Action planning for changed behaviors

§ Follow up through refreshers and evaluation of trg programmes

Some programmes conducted by us

§ Foundation & Advanced Courses and Refreshers on Instruction Design& Facilitation skills for trainers

§ Outbound training programs on Managing Change, Creating/ Recalibrating the vision, Values and Culture of the organization and building ownership for it

§ Effective Goal Setting

§ Talent and retention management

§ Team building and leadership development

§ Shared leadership for future challenges

§ Comprehensive programme on call centre training

§ Customer Relationship Building

§ Personal effectiveness (time management, communication skills, supervisory skills, achievement motivation)

§ Mentoring and Networking Skills

GECIS e-learning

Hero Honda

Aksh Optifibre


GECIS Learning Centre

Fritolay India



Bharti Telenet



Underwriter’s Laboratories



Save the Children Fund (UK)






British High Commission

Glaxo Smithkline Beecham


Besides these, we conduct an open programme called Big Ticket on Instruction Design & Facilitation Skills. A basic level course and Advanced level (added recently) have been conducted with participants from SRF, Hero Honda, Frito Lay, Baxter, Max New York Life, HCL eServe, NTPC, NHPC, Cadence Design Systems, GECIS, GSK, NIIT Smart Serve, etc.

We have developed our own methodologies and technology for these interventions. The products are customized while the methodology is standardized.


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