The Big Ticket

“Learning is equal to change in behavior.” David Kolb

When does knowledge translate into real learning? How do ideas and concept move beyond theory, into the realm of effective practice? How does learning create big business impact?
We believe that learning is not an event. It is a process. It is about the journey of knowledge from the head and the heart of the learner, to his feet. It enables her to walk her ideas, implement concepts in her day-to-day work and create an impact on business performance.
The Big Ticket is a “Train the Trainer” workshop.   It introduces the Participant to the key learning intervention processes.

At Big ticket, we work with trainers to understand the learning gap, design an intervention around it, develop courseware, implement it through programs, give feedback, and do one-on-one coaching. Finally, we also evaluate the short and long-term impact of training.

Our intervention process model describes this in detail:

“The Big Ticket” – A 4-day workshop on design and facilitation skills

What gets addressed?

“The teacher and the taught together create the teaching”

This workshop addresses the needs of participants who have not been through a formal program in design and facilitation.

Competencies that the Participant will acquire at the end of the workshop:

  • Applying our intervention process model (the ADDIE Model)
  • Performing audience, learning gap, task, and context analysis
  • Writing PSMART objectives
  • Mapping content with lesson blocks
  • Deciding course level instructional strategies (Classic Tutorials, Activity based, Exploratory)
  • Designing sessions (the Walker’s Cycle and the ARCS Model)
  • Creating a buy in and involving the learner
  • Listening, questioning, and responding
  • Speaking to inspire
  • Selecting participation tools and techniques

“A good teacher never strives to explain his vision. He simply invites you to stand beside him and see for yourself.”

Who can participate?

The following professionals would find it useful to participate in the Big Ticket workshop designed for practitioners:

  • Trainers who want to learn the science and art of designing and facilitating programs
  • Professionals who are looking at adding designing and facilitating of training to their current skill set
  • Knowledge experts such as product managers, functional experts and quality experts who need to train others in their area of content expertise.

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