In our work with Organizations we have found that the Tatva model, our systemic model of holistic performance enhancement provides a powerful framework for sustainable impactful change.

Over two decades of viewing organizations as systems, through the lens of the tatva model, has allowed us to design unique, high impact solutions that are helping create and sustain transformational change.

Everything is interconnected, interdependent and dynamic so solutions that create impact have to be systemic.

 When you pick one piece of this universe, the whole universe comes attached with it. From this Gestalt philosophy has sprung our model of performance enhancement – holistic wellness for the organization vyaktitva.

 The TATVA model is the basic building block that carries this systemic design”

Our Approach

From insights, exploration and discovery – through design and development – to implementation and evaluation, Vyaktitva walks shoulder to shoulder with you, co-creating not just the solution, but the eco-system around it, to ensure the solution delivers sustainable impactful change.

Some of Our High Impact Solutions

Designing a Culture

The FractalStructure™

Approach to Sustainable Scaling

Building Real Ownership amongst Senior Leaders

High Potentials
The Change Agents You Need

Executive Coaching

Designing Learning for Sustainable Business Impact

The Art of Instructional Design


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