What We Do

From exploration and discovery, through insights, design and development, to implementation and evaluation, we walk shoulder to shoulder with you, co-creating not just the solution, but the eco-system around it, to ensure the solution delivers sustainable impactful change.

Tatva Model™

We create sustainable, impactful change using the Tatva Model, our systemic model of holistic performance enhancement to design unique, high impact solutions.

Organizations are systems and systems have high leverage points. Everything is interconnected, interdependent and dynamic so solutions that create impact must be systemic.

The interdependence of different elements in an organization is so deep that to try and impact any one without touching another would be impossible. When you pick one piece of this universe, the whole universe comes attached with it. From this Gestalt philosophy has sprung our model of performance enhancement – holistic wellness for the organizational vyaktitva.

At Vyaktitva we believe in working as your internal partner rather than an external consultant in your organizational journey.

Our people interventions go much beyond design, which is the easy part; we enable people to walk their learning! Our interventions include planned efforts around building ownership, communicating and influencing, and getting people processes to become the priority for managers, so that they, in turn, achieve their business goals.

Our High Impact Approaches

Designing a Culture

Culture is the Fundamental System that drives behaviour. Since Organizational performance is determined by how people respond & react to stimulus, getting the ‘right’ lived-culture is vital to performance. In that sense getting the required lived-culture in line with strategy enables the execution of the desired strategy.

FractalStructures for Sustainable Scaling

For growth, the second layer of leadership has to take greater ownership and accountability for decision making, allowing top management to focus on strategy. Two factors, decision making structures that devolve decisions to the next layer and their leadership capability determine the ability to scale.

Building Real Ownership amongst Senior Leaders

The world is highly dynamic and windows of opportunity are short. The only edge is agility coupled with collaborative and inclusive decision making. The strategy comes down to ensuring the senior leaders with the largest canopies of control are operating with each other with superior levels of Trust, Alignment, Capability and Joyful Resilience.

High Potentials – Your Change Agents

Your high potentials exert a canopy of influence that goes beyond strict hierarchies and role boundaries because of their inspirational capabilities and capacities. Focused energy and effort on their development impacts their entire canopy of influence and the organization. This is the domain of our HiPo Development model.

Executive Coaching

 At its essence the intent of coaching is to help a high performing individul create deep sustainble change within themselves, by themselves, since that is the difference that takes the individual and their performance from good to great, and makes it sustainable. From our own personal experience we know – its easier said than done.

Designing Learning for Sustainable Business Impact

Any developmental intervention is about observable behaviours and changing the disabling ones by creating deep realization and enhancing the ability to learn. Of all the interventions we’ve designed the most successful of them necessarily have 3 attributes

The Art and Science of Instructional Design

The highest leverage intervention for an L&D professional is one that builds the in house capability within the L&D team to diagnose business problems, conduct rigorous analysis through appreciative inquiry and design specific learning interventions that bring in the entire context and reality of the learner.

A Few of Our Clients

What Clients are Saying

Vyaktitva coaching is a unique and holistic process as it blends together the aspect of deep self awareness, aimed at bringing out a personal transformation in the person and also focussed through a process of reflection and action/experimentation on the role the person performs. The Coachee embarks on a journey where he/she is the primary driver of every aspect of it, with the coach being the rudder who keeps it on course. Being a highly engaging process filled with discovery and reflection for the Coachee it leads to coming out of concrete areas with clear actions for improvement, completely owned by the individual. All the Coachees within Colgate have found this process highly beneficial and a real life changing experience and all are progressing on the journey’s charted out for themselves.

Aditya Singh

Vice President HR at Colgate Palmolive

Team Vyaktitva is acting as a key enabler in building scale and in transitioning from one paradigm to another at PeopleStrong. We thought the intervention will impact only softer aspects like relationships, feedback systems in the Organization but it has positively impacted high performance culture thru improved team dynamics and individual enablement. It has brought a balance between emotional and rational approaches, between the heart and the mind, enabling growth with happiness.

Pankaj Bansal

Co-Founder & CEO PeopleStrong


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