Keeping Learning and Development High Priority

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And yet low cost.

Interesting article about a case study in the T+D magazine about how an organization did this:

Guided by a strategic initiative to improve performance and individual and leader accountability, a representative from our learning department visits each of our facilities annually to engage in individual coaching with each of our leaders. This also serves as a way to improve compliance with HR and organizational development practices and procedures.

These visits do not take the place of valuable classroom instruction, but along with webinars and online training, they reinforce important learning principles and put Silliker’s leadership development concepts into action. For three hours, the learning professional and local leader work on issues important to leaders, their employees, and Silliker. These include identifying goals and expectations for direct reports; creating learning objectives and development plans for high-potential employees; and reviewing prior performance appraisals, with a focus on developing effective criteria.

These annual development visits have proven to be a very effective way of making sure leaders value, understand, and use the tools and processes available to them. Silliker enjoys strong support for this program from individual leaders and executives. Leaders value the individualized attention to their personal leadership development and effectiveness, and executives value the cost-effective solution that creates sustainable leadership within the company.

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1 thought on “Keeping Learning and Development High Priority

  1. Great case study. We all know learning and development is important, but there are always more urgent issues to attend to. Until the L&D professional visits and development takes the front seat at least one day.

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