Case Study – Competency Based Interviewing skills of Hiring Managers and Recruiters

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Training recruiters and hiring managers on Competency Based Interviewing


The organization is one of the world’s largest financial institutions, serving individual consumers, small and middle market businesses and large corporations with a full range of banking, investing, asset management and other financial and risk-management products and services.

In India they are based out of four major cities from which business processes and IT processes are delivered to the US organization.

Over the last five years the client has grown in size and complexity – hiring a large number of employees to meet its business needs.

The Complexity

The organization was facing an issue where recruiters and hiring managers were not in the same page and the quality of hiring was quite patchy.

The organization  realized that it needed to standardize the process as well as get the recruiters and hiring managers to do better quality of interviewing.

The Engagement

The organization chose to partner with Vyaktitva to help them think through the solution. Vyaktitva consultants as part of the ADDIE model – conducted Analysis, interviewing hiring managers, recruiters, business leaders and HR leaders to find the true learning and performance gap.

After conducting the Analysis, Vyaktitva came to the conclusion that the hiring managers and recruiters needed to be on the same page as far as the process of staffing was concerned, and also to clarify their specific roles in the process and which areas they would interview candidates on.

Vyaktitva designed and developed the intervention.  The focus was making people skilled in using Competency Based Interviewing and also to clarify issues around the process and give feedback to the organization on the process.

The Intervention

It involved the people going through a learning and doing program, clearing a test, and then conducting  a real life interview using the concepts learned in the intervention, using  real world feedback. They also brainstormed on how the organization could improve the process.


Recruiters and Hiring Managers shared that the process was helpful in interviewing people for high impact roles.

Eventually around 75 people who cleared the program were awarded certificates in being able to use Competency Based Interviewing.

The organization also listened to the feedback and inculcated the feedback of the employees from the training program as a process improvement in the Staffing process.


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