Move to Talent Management – Do Not forget Learning

Josh Bersin has a very pertinent article at CLO magazine. Go read it in full. Some important parts to quote are:

In today’s business world, this kind of thinking is dangerous. The traditional disciplines of critical skills analysis, competency management, instructional design and performance consulting are just as important now as before.

Learning executives should look at their roles from two perspectives. On one hand, build and deploy performance-driven training programs that drive operational excellence, quality and efficiency. These programs — such as sales training, product and systems rollouts and systems training — make your company’s operations work effectively.

On the other hand, develop talent-driven training programs. These programs, such as leadership development and career development, are complex, multiyear investments with many moving parts. They involve competency analysis, assessment, developmental assignments, coaching and traditional learning. These programs demand your expertise and skills, and they bridge the gap between training and talent management.

We at Vyaktitva also believe that taking a narrow view of initiatives is dangerous for organizations, a point that we stress with our elemental approach to interventions.

A narrow view is dangerous because it will cause more harm than benefit organizations. It would result in lost hours of work, higher cost and lower morale of employees.

Those are not things one should do when an organization is concentrating on building capability for the future, are they?


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