Coaching as a Skill

Michael at his blog correctly states that coaching is a skill all managers and leaders should have – and the key skill in that is asking questions. As he says:

This is a skill – the questioning particularly. I learned it from a coach I used to have. He was amazing! Whatever answer I gave to a question he would ask another until we both got the answers that we needed to move ahead. It took me a while to ‘get it’ but when I did – and applied it to others – WOW! The impact was immediate and long-lasting. The interesting thing is that anyone can apply this technique. 
Anyone can use coaching skills in this way. Just because a person doesn’t give themselves the title ‘coach’ doesn’t mean they can’t use the skills. In fact I have seen plenty people ordinary managers, parents, and even kids with this skill. In fact, being a coach then isn’t just about calling yourself a coach its about doing what coaching does – questioning always. There is a big difference!

Being a facilitator of learning, a coach, a leader- whatever be your role – questioning and active listening skills are key skills of success. It can help you uncover assumptions, confront people and help them take ownership of their actions. 

Can you share how are you building these skills everyday ?

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