What facilitators need to keep in mind to learn

Alan posts at Million Dollar Consulting® Notes on some points that facilitators need to keep in mind


  • If you don’t understand something, do two things. First, question it immediately, because otherwise the ensuing structure will have a weak foundation. Second, try to apply it in your circumstances to integrate the learning.
  • People learn in different ways, so notes, recordings, mind maps, and holographic telepathy are all fine with me. But if you don’t have three things (or less) emphasized for you to move forward at the end of the day, you may have quantity but nto quality.
  • The 1% solution: tools for change® says that if you improve by 1% a day, in 70 days you’re twice as good. But if you don’t learn carefully and instead become confused, the opposite can actually occur. People can get dumber.
  • When creating pragmatic representations of conceptual images, whether brands or graphics or process visuals, it is ALWAYS better to work with a small team you trust for quicker and higher quality results.
  • Failing, and learning as a result, among peers is better than mindlessly succeeding among inferiors.
  • Emotion is as important as intellect in integrating learning.
  • The female advantage in learning: less ego investment and more openness. The male advantage: less tendency to take disagreement personally and to focus on the issue not the person.
  • Groups don’t bond through dumb ice-breaking exercises. They bond through sharing challenge, contributions, disagreements, and socializing.
  • All groups claim that they want to stay in touch and reconnect. The ones that do most successfully always have an organizer or organizers who take on that responsibility.
  • If the facilitator isn’t learning constantly, he or she should go into another line of work. Simply doing something well and receiving plaudits is like watching people applaud a movie you’ve already made years ago.

What do you think? What are the principles that you think

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