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As I informed you during our last discussion, the “Career Development” model you designed and executed for Bausch and Lomb India is now touted as a Best Practice within Asia Pacific – we may need help to spread the initiative to other countries in conjunction with the Regional HR team over the next months.

What I liked most about your approach was the accent you placed on understanding our business and designing a tailor-made rather than an off-the-rack solution. This ensured we were at all times aligned in finding the right HR solutions for our business needs. There has been much positive comment around the rigor of our model and the painstaking work done to rationalize the myriad roles and competencies and evolve something simple and actionable. I was also immensely gratified with the commitment shown by your team – have witnessed Shilpa and Tripti extend late into the evening to ensure that tasks were completed to satisfaction.

You have been a true partner to us over the last year – we have been very comfortable raising issues, individual needs and points of conflict with you. We have valued your inputs to individual assessments – this level of trust was only possible because of the discreetness with which you treated these queries.

Thanks once more for your role in shaping the culture and growing talent at Bausch & Lomb. I believe this is only the beginning of much good work we can do together.

Harish Natarajan

(Managing Director, Bausch & Lomb Eyecare (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Team Vyaktitva  is acting as a key enabler in building scale and in transitioning from one paradigm to another at PeopleStrong. We thought the intervention will impact only  softer aspects like relationships, feedback systems in the Organization but it has positively impacted high performance culture thru improved team dynamics and individual enablement. It has brought a balance between emotional and rational approaches, between the heart and the mind, enabling growth with happiness.

Pankaj Bansal

Co-Founder & CEO PeopleStrong

Dear Venki,

It was great to have you as my coach and the big impact from that coaching was the “Control Your Destiny” session for all the managers in my unit. The effect of CYD has been outstanding – we have a team that is enthusiastc, delivers well and has a huge sense of ownership. I have to tell you, that the very name “Vyaktitva” and the elements that go into making up the “Vyaktitva”, makes all the difference. The framework helps one to think along the lines of the five important elements – Strategy, Process, Culture, Structure and Passion and helps to build one’s personality and a team or organization’s personality. I would like to thank Vyaktitva and you in particular for helping me channelize my thoughts, refine my vision and build an awesome team. Can’t thank you enough!

Bindu Krishnan

(Business Group Manager – Aon Hewitt)

I have been impressed by the high degree of partnership with the business—this helped the entire team understand and deliver on the projects really well together. Delivery has always been on time and of the expected quality or better.

Piyush Mehta

(VP-HR GECIS Insurance and Collections COE)

I have participated in the Big Ticket program conducted by Vyaktitva a couple of months ago, and it has been a rewarding learning experience as I have been able to apply some of the learning directly at my workplace.

Madan Srinivasan

(Manager – Organization Capability Development, Frito Lay India)

The team under the leadership of ArjunShekhar delivered outstanding skills at training new designers to delivery on critical customer engagement. The team partnered with us on designing and delivering flawlessly on Functional certification programs and baseline skill building of 40+ instructional designers.

The team has high energy and is very customer-focused.

Supriya Dhanda

(Training Lead, GECIS e-Learning)

I believe we have a true partnership going with Vyaktitva in our Organization Development journey. Not only is the work being done with us by Vyaktitva very thorough and impactful, but it is completely integrated with our larger business needs and hence very easily sustainable.

Today I look upon Vyaktitva as an extension of our HR team partnering with business on important business interventions.

Samik Basu

(Director HR, Frito Lay India)

It’s been 8 months since we partnered together and flagged off the Transformational Intervention at the Auto Components SBU. It is with pleasure that I share my experience of working with Vyaktitva over the past 8 months.

What impressed me most about Vyaktitva’s Intervention model was its conceptual vigour and holistic framework. Change initiatives, shorn of a perspective that addresses key organizational dimensions and unifies them through a focused and integrated strategy, can seriously undermine sustainability of the change process itself. As partners, I was happy to recognize that Vyaktitva’s Intervention design saw sustainable change as its central purpose.

The quality of the collective experience of the Vyaktitva team, and their understanding and insights into organizational transformation has been remarkable. Above all, I see you all as professionals committed to working with us in a relationship that embodies the true essence of learning and partnership.

I see our journey with Vyaktitva as exciting, laden with challenges and enriching. You are a group of professionals, who by your own admission, work best where you find the engagement enjoyable and stimulating. Having known you all for eight months, I couldn’t agree more. Individually and as a team you are passionate about what you do and to my mind, leveraging that energy can do wonders for the value you can potentially bring to the table.


I look forward to our continuing association, as we together work towards taking CEL to being a focused Organization, driven by purpose and to borrow a word from the Vyaktitva lexicon, to experience profound renewal through the alignment of all “tatvas”.


(Group President – HR, Baxy& Continental Engines Ltd)

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