Terms and Conditions for the Instructional Design course - AMEX Taxes and statutory payments, if any, would be in addition to the Professional Fees. The Billing schedule by Vyaktitva would be as follows: 100% on signing up. All payments to be made immediately. This is a pre-requisite for acceptance of participant. The cost of courseware/course material is included in the course fee. Intellectual Property Rights and ownership rights to materials : Vyaktitva shall hold all Intellectual Property Rights to the training material produced for or during the Training Services, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing between the parties. All materials included in the training material and furnished by the client for or during training shall be the property of the client and shall not be included under rights accruing to Vyaktitva. Vyaktitva may not use such materials owned by the client for any purpose other than the agreed. All materials owned by the client shall be returned to upon completion of the training unless otherwise expressly agreed. Liability: The Client shall indemnify and save Vyaktitva harmless from any and all third party claims, actions, proceedings, expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees arising out of or in any manner pertaining to its responsibility and obligations under this Agreement any of its acts or omission or any of its personnel, agents or subcontractors in connection with this Agreement any third party claim arising out of or related to its performance or failure to perform its obligations under any third party contracts under which the client has assumed any financial, administrative or operational responsibility any claims arising out of the clients breach of any representation, warranty or covenant and obligations hereunder, any claims between the client and any of its parties or subcontractors, and claims by the client's subcontractors or employees against Vyaktitva, any amounts, including taxes, interest and penalties assessed against Vyaktitva that are the responsibility of the client, the client's failure to comply with Vyaktitva's terms, conditions and procedures, to the extent applicable.

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