Vyaktitva is an OD, Training and Executive Coaching firm that helps clients achieve business impact!

We’re based out of New Delhi and Mumbai, India. Drawing inspiration from the five elements that constitute our world, we have developed comprehensive, and now tried & tested, processes to peak company performance on various metrics.

Holistic approach to OD, Training & Coaching

Vyaktitva has built and implemented powerful frameworks that enable client organizations to manage and enhance performance by driving fundamental changes in organizational design as well as individual capability to perform (covering both large group development as well as development of key role holders as well as key persons thru individual coaching)

Interventional Model

The different elements we help to co-create are:

  • A Blue Sky Vision that gives the organisational vyaktitva (personality) a direction
  • A Fresh Air Culture which provides an envelope/boundary of the expected values and behaviours within which the organisational journey takes place
  • Solid Earthy Structures that are grounded and flexible, enabling different teams to synergise the goals and roles they play
  • Smooth Water Flows for defining the processes and systems which facilitate the flow of work
  • Fired Up Energy that drive people to perform to their potential
  • Vyakti the individual skills, knowledge, commitment & passion that enable them to achieve excellence in their functions

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