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Aug 21 2016 : The Times of India (Delhi)


What did you bring back from your last holiday, besides a load of Monday morning blues? A pine cone from the hills or seashells from the beach? What if you could have come back a new person, rid of all the baggage, the dead weight that makes every dream now seem a hopeless pursuit? If you are ready for a life-changing journey, a `factory reset', Times Passion Trails has it planned out for you.

Adlakha says each little decision is a choice, and the secret to happiness--bridging the gap between dreams and reality--is to make better choices. To do that you need to “understand yourself better, your gifts and your failings, your purpose and your fears, your subconscious and your unconscious, your limiting patterns and how to rewire them.“ Interestingly, many of us already `know' what needs to be done but somehow seem unable to stick to it for long, like all the shortlived New Year resolutions.


This is that journey to rewire yourself. The framework--called Get Real--for this five-day trail has been designed incorporating learnings from psychology, philosophy, neurology, sociology, spirituality, evolutionary sciences, etc. You will not only learn the theory but also experience it on the move.


The trail has been designed to help you transform your personality, but Adlakha says the outward persona is only the tip of the metaphorical iceberg. What controls it is the deep, invisible workings of your subconscious and unconscious mind. Your limiting traits are hardwired there, and your guide will enable you to dive deep into your `vyaktitva' or personality to untangle the circuit.

Late September is a time when the monsoon has finished washing the earth and the sky, and the country is slipping into a festive mood. What better time to go on a journey of self-discovery?

That is a choice only you can make, but making it is like turning the key inside a lock. And as participants in our `Self-Discovery Trail' will later see, the life you lead--reality--is the sum of the choices you make. Not just the big choices, like what you studied in college and whom you married, but also the little ones, like missing breakfast today . As life coach Gagan Adlakha, our experience architect for this trail, says, “We make the choices, and eventually the choices make us.“

This is where Mother Nature and the great outdoors play a role. The idea is to not only get away from the familiar urban setting that is part of your old conditioning, but also use the new environment for care fully chosen activities. For instance, there will be yoga and pranayama to synchronise mind and body, situations that make you confront your fears, sessions to introspect on the way you make decisions, connect with others, etc.


The trail participants will be in a group but the guide will work on the premise that each one is on an individual journey .Sharing, however, will be considered an opportunity to learn from each other. Adlakha says each session has been designed using the principles of instructional design for a lasting impact rather than only a feel-good experience.


This is one journey at the end of which you will be happy to have lost your baggage.

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